One of A Kind Pet Rescue was moved to action by the plight of Violet, a mother dog abandoned after giving birth to 12 puppies, presumably because her previous owners found the large litter overwhelming.


Tanya Jonda, the executive director of the rescue, was alerted to Violet’s situation through social media and quickly took in the dog and her newborns. Despite arriving underweight, blind in one eye, and infested with fleas, Violet proved to be an exemplary mother, nurturing her puppies into a remarkably healthy state.

The rescue named all the puppies beginning with ‘V’ and noted their strong bond, likely formed from their early experience of abandonment. To date, half of the puppies have found new homes, and Violet, described as affectionate and gentle, is set to be available for adoption soon after receiving veterinary care.

The journey of Violet and her puppies from abandonment to hopeful adoption exemplifies the profound impact of dedicated animal rescues.