Dog Brings Unexpected Joy with His New Grin

This is Mailo, a lovable pooch whose antics are a constant source of delight for his family.


“Mailo has such a unique character; he’s incredibly endearing and always up to something amusing,” Lola, Mailo’s owner, shared in a chat.

Recently, Mailo discovered a fresh and amusing way to entertain his family — by adopting a comically different smile.

Over the weekend, Lola and Mailo were visiting her grandmother’s cozy home for some downtime. While the household engaged in quiet activities, Mailo took it upon himself to explore the unfamiliar surroundings.

Lola had momentarily left Mailo unattended when he decided to embark on a little adventure. When he returned, something was noticeably different. Mailo was sporting a wide, gleaming smile that Lola had never seen before.


“I was stunned when I saw him like that,” Lola admitted. “It was so funny that I couldn’t help but laugh.”

It didn’t take long for Lola to discover the source of Mailo’s new look. In his explorations, Mailo had stumbled upon her grandmother’s dentures and, mistaking them for a new toy, decided to try them on.

The sight of Mailo with a human grin was nothing short of hilarious.


@lola.txm mailo con la placa de mi abuela parte 2 ahora si se la puso bien #fyp #dog #dogsoftiktok #funny ♬ Falling for ya – .

After the laughter died down, Lola carefully removed the dentures from Mailo’s mouth, cleaned them thoroughly, and made sure to store them well out of his reach. Although it wasn’t necessary, Lola chose to share the incident with her grandmother, showing her a video of Mailo’s antics.


“My grandmother couldn’t stop laughing,” Lola recounted. “Everyone had a good laugh. It was such a surprising moment.”

True to form, Mailo’s mischievous act was harmless fun. The dentures were intact, and the family was left with a joyous memory that would keep them smiling for a long time.

With his quirky actions and unintended comedy, Mailo continues to be the heart and soul of his family, proving that sometimes, the best moments come when you least expect them.