For the past decade, Marianne Wik has been tirelessly rescuing animals in the rugged terrain of the Spanish mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Alongside her friends, she embarks on missions to locate and save creatures in need of assistance.

Their method involves scouring garbage bins, a strategy aimed at preempting the tragic fate of animals mistakenly collected by garbage trucks. Marianne and her companions have encountered a variety of animals during their expeditions, including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and birds. Rarely do they return empty-handed from their endeavors.

One particularly remarkable rescue unfolded when Marianne stumbled upon an unexpected find within her own trash receptacle. Investigating a faint sound emanating from the bin, she uncovered two infant creatures, resembling puppies at first glance. However, subsequent examination revealed them to be a species of forest fox, mere days old and in dire need of care.

Promptly, Marianne sought veterinary assistance for the vulnerable foxes. Determined to provide them with a chance at survival, she opted to adopt one herself, while a friend took in the other. Baptized “Lucky,” Marianne’s fox swiftly adapted to domestic life under her care. Despite his wild origins, Lucky thrived in his newfound environment, demonstrating a blend of fox instincts and affectionate companionship.

Three years on, Lucky has flourished into a magnificent creature, embodying both playfulness and curiosity. While he retains certain fox behaviors such as solitary dining and concealing himself during slumber, he has evolved into a devoted household companion, endearing himself to Marianne with his loving demeanor.

Amidst nurturing Lucky, Marianne remains steadfast in her commitment to animal rescue, acknowledging the emotional toll of her endeavors yet finding solace in the lives she saves. Grateful for Marianne’s unwavering dedication, the community celebrates her efforts in safeguarding the welfare of local fauna.

Reflecting on Lucky’s miraculous rescue, it’s impossible not to contemplate the alternate fate he might have met had Marianne not intervened. His moniker, “Lucky,” serves as a poignant reminder of the fortuitous turn of events that granted him a second chance at life.

Marianne’s story resonates deeply with animal lovers, underscoring the profound bond between humans and their furry companions. As a testament to the transformative power of compassion, her tale inspires others to share in her mission of kindness towards animals.