Introducing Kit: An Inspiring 10-Year-Old Canine Finds Hope after a Harrowing Journey. Kit, a remarkable rescue dog, was discovered on the streets of Turkey before embarking on a life-changing voyage to the United States. There, she met her compassionate new mom, Lindsay Paluba. Kit’s initial condition was dire, as she was malnourished and depleted from her ordeals. Nevertheless, her spirits soared upon finding a place to call home.

Paluba shared, “When we first found Kit, she was incredibly underweight, and her physical appearance was quite distressing. Her front teeth were worn down, and patches of fur were missing from her stomach and neck.” Determined to restore Kit’s health, Paluba arranged for dental treatment, resulting in a remarkable transformation. Now, Kit radiates joy with her adorably toothless, yet endearing, gummy smile.


Having spent the majority of her existence as a street dog, Kit finally discovered solace within the secure haven of Paluba’s home. Paluba observed, “As soon as Kit found her designated spot, she would scurry over to it and remain there. It became her sanctuary—a place where she felt truly protected.”

Initially, the courageous pup grappled with trepidation in her unfamiliar surroundings. Adjusting to her three newfound furry siblings and the affection bestowed upon her by her loving parents was a novel experience for Kit. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for her to realize that she had found her rightful place.

Paluba recounted with joy, “Kit’s tail wagged incessantly while she lounged on the bed, inching closer to us, yearning for gentle caresses.”

Accompanying Kit’s cautious yet joyful wagging tail was a hesitant smile, a sign of the abundant love that lay within her. Initially, she held back, not fully prepared to unleash her emotions.

However, in a heartwarming turn of events, the sweet pup gradually shed her reservations.

“Within just a few days, Kit’s smile transformed from nervousness to pure happiness,” Paluba shared. “Once she acquainted herself with her furry siblings, it was evident that she had let her guard down.”

Despite her health limitations, Kit’s interaction with her siblings was somewhat restricted. Nonetheless, her fascination with them knew no bounds.

Paluba affectionately expressed, “Kit adores trailing after her siblings, her tail wagging with delight. I believe they provide her with a sense of security and comfort.”

Despite her health limitations, Kit's interaction with her siblings was somewhat restricted

Ever since, Kit’s well-being has shown remarkable improvement, and her true personality continues to flourish. What was once a timid puppy has now become a charismatic force, captivating the household with her affectionate nature and vibrant energy.

Paluba happily shared, “Kit has claimed ownership of all the dog beds in the house without any hesitation. Each passing day unveils more of her unique character. Currently, her greatest joys include rolling in the grass, mealtimes filled with anticipation, relishing in gentle pets, and engaging in playful ball sessions. She has undeniably become an integral part of our family.”

Paluba joyfully expressed, "Kit now wears a perpetual smile on her face. She has blossomed into the most wonderful dog, and our love for her knows no bounds!"

While Kit is still undergoing treatment for her weight and skin concerns, she is fortunate to have the unwavering support of her loving family. Remarkably, these challenges haven’t dampened her spirit or hindered her from embracing life to its fullest.

Paluba joyfully expressed, “Kit now wears a perpetual smile on her face. She has blossomed into the most wonderful dog, and our love for her knows no bounds!”